If you’re overweight even by only the tiniest bit, I’ll bet the socks on my feet that your face shows it. Sometimes, even if someone isn’t overweight at all, their face can still carry extra flab that could really do without being there. Contrary to popular belief, there is something you can do to help it. Yes, yes. Losing weight is a sure fire way to lose those double or maybe-even-more chins, but there is also a trick that will help significantly. It’s called face yoga.

You see the difference in my face? Please ignore the last picture. My eyes are closed, but you can see the difference, right? Yeah. The majority of that is down to face yoga, and if you follow the exercises I’m about to show you, I promise you that you’ll see results in what could be as short as three days. You heard me. Three days.

Exercise 1. - The Deirdre Barlow Neck.

If you’re from England, you should know exactly what this means. If not, another example can be found here. What you basically want to do is tighten your neck. Pull the corners of your mouth down as hard as you can, until the definition in your neck stands out and you look like an alien. Beware, after a while, this can ache like a bitch, and if you strain yourself too much your first time doing this, you’ll feel it for a week afterwards. Thirty seconds, a break, thirty seconds, a break, thirty seconds, a break, three times a day will strengthen neck muscles and seriously reduce double chins. 

Exercise 2. - Look To The Heavens.

This one is pretty self explanatory. Raise your neck to look at the sky, and bite your bottom jaw up as hard as possible. You can also try to eat your nose. Whichever you find easier. You should feel strain all along the front of your neck. This one is also great for reducing double chins. Same as before. Thirty seconds, break, thirty seconds, break, thirty seconds, break, three times a day.

Exercise 3. - The Prom Queen Smile.

Maybe “smile” was too kind. Maybe “Prom Queen” was, too. Try “Serial Killer Surprise”. In this exercise you just want to open your mouth as wide as possible. I mean as wide as possible. It will start to ache after a while, so for this one try three reps of twenty seconds, three times a day. You should feel a burn in the sides of your lips, your cheeks and your jaws. This will help tighten jaw muscles and get rid of cheek fat. It’s also fun to see how stupid you look.

Exercise 4. - The Fishy Face.

This is my cheap version of a product I found online. What you want to do in this exercise is put a finger and thumb in your mouth, and open them as far as is comfortable. Then, with all you have, try and push against your thumb and finger. Imagine you’re trying to make them touch. Push against it, and release. Repeat. (Each “closing of the mouth” should only last a few seconds. Don’t overexert yourself.) If you can, spend about five minutes doing this, as it’s not that difficult. After a while, though, you will feel the burn. I promise you. Again, three times a day, or more if you can.

Like I have said above, these exercises will work. There is no denying it. If you want to define your abs or your arms, what do you do? You exercise your muscles. You lift weights. You do crunches. Why should we ignore our face muscles? Instead of feeling bad about having a double chin, do something about it. The exercises I’ve listed above can be done whenever. I do the “Look To The Heaven" one every single time I pee. When I wash my hands, I’ll do the "Deirdre Barblow Neck", or maybe the "Prom Queen Smile". These are all simple exercises that will make a difference, and people will notice the difference, too. When you lose weight, your face is the easiest place to tell. People will see your face and see you’ve been working hard, and you deserve to look great. 

This is my face now. See my jaw bone? Yeah. I would have killed for a jaw bone like that a month ago. See my face before? Did I look anything like this a month ago? No, I didn’t. It works, guys, and I promise you will see a difference. 

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